Video of ‘Russian soldiers castrating Ukrainian POW’ sparks outrage

HORRIFYING footage has emerged showing cruel Russian soldiers castrating a Ukrainian prisoner with a box-cutter, Kyiv claims.

The sicking clip appears to show a group of men in Russian camouflage with “Z” patches holding down a soldier in Ukrainian uniform as they mutilate him with a knife.

The sick perpetrators were dressed in Russian camouflageCredit: Rex

Russian troops were ellegedly caught mutilating a Ukrainian soldier with a box-cutterCredit: Via Telegram

The deranged soldiers shout insults at the man and then hold his castrated genitals up to the camera.

It’s not clear where or when the video – which is too graphic to publish – was taken, but sleuths claim to have found some of the troops had been filmed on the frontlines in Donbas in June.

It is also unclear what happened to the Ukrainian soldier, though it’s believed he would not have survived without immediate medical treatment.

Investigative outlet Bellingcat told The Times the video appears to be genuine.

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Klitschkos tell Piers of torture & bodies crushed by tanks in Ukraine war

Journalist Aric Toler said there was no evidence the video had been doctored and said Russian state media showed the same Russian soldiers in Severodonestsk back in June after it was seized from Ukrainian forces.

The chilling clip has caused outrage in Kyiv with Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun tweeting the footage, saying: “Russia has to pay for it”.

She said: “Give Ukraine the weapons we need to stop this nightmare once and for all.

“The world can’t pretend like this isn’t happening.”

Investigators claim the soldier who carried out the sicking attack belongs to a Chechen unit under the command of Vladimir Putin’s Chechen warlord crony Ramzan Kadyrov.

Other have suggested the soldier is wearing a Rosgvardia unit – Russia’s national guard that directly reports to Putin.

Russians have been gloating about the horror attack on social media.

“Good Lads! All b****** should be castrated so they cannot procreate,” one person wrote.

“Go searching for your balls now,” another said in a sickening joke.

“You just need to systematically destroy all the Ukronazis – totally. And their accomplices. Cold, calm, indifferent way,” one Russian commentator said on Telegram.

The alleged torture is the latest in a line of evidence pointing towards war crimes being committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Russian troops were accused of kidnapping, torturing and executing civilians and soldiers in Bucha and Irpin, just outside Kyiv.

A Sun investigation found damning proof that Russian forces had used cluster bombs on civilians in the Donbas.

We spoke with six victims of a suspected cluster bomb attack at a blitzed clinic in Kurajhove last month.

The victims were injured following two suspected cluster bomb strikes on June 4 and June 8 which left at least four dead and dozens more injured.

Ukraine sentenced its first Russian soldier to life in prison after he was found guilty of shooting a 62-year-old Ukrainian man in cold blood.

Sergeant Vadim  Shyshimarin was convicted by a Ukrainian court of shooting the man through an open car window in the northeastern village of Chupakhivka during the first week of the war.

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Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova’s office said it is looking into more than 10,700 potential war crimes involving more than 600 suspects – including Russian soldiers and government officials.

Many of the alleged atrocities came after Moscow’s forces withdrew from around the capital of Kyiv – exposing mass graves and streets strewn with bodies in nearby towns.

The soldiers are believed to come from Putin crony Ramzan Kadyrov's battalion

The soldiers are believed to come from Putin crony Ramzan Kadyrov’s battalionCredit: AP

Internet sleuths have linked the torturers to a Chechen unit operating in Ukraine

Internet sleuths have linked the torturers to a Chechen unit operating in UkraineCredit: Reuters

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