I’m a size 2X – I tried Skims swim and disagree with so many of the reviews

A TIKTOKER has revealed that she tried the Skims swim range and disagreed with so many of the reviews.

Tabria Majors loved all the options from Kim Kardashian’s swimwear line.

This is the full coverage Skim swim optionCredit: TIKTOK/tabriamajors

Majors is a plus-sized modelCredit: TIKTOK/tabriamajors

The package came in an Inflatable water cooler which Majors said is “cute and practical.”

“I love a high cut. I think it’s so flattering,” she said.

Next was a two-piece biker shorts and sports bra-style suit.

“Honestly I would never consider wearing something that’s full coverage, but I think I may have to reconsider it because it’s very practical,’ Majors said.

“It’s a very like sea to land type vibes.”.

Next was the traditional triangle bikini, which Majors loved.

“The material I know that it’s not going to become see-through when it gets wet.

“It’s still giving me coverage without being like overly risky.”

Last was a cut-out one piece.

“I like how the strap doesn’t dig into my sides and just gives me an unnecessary bulge.”

“So yeah, yes, it is worth the hype. It’s worth the money. “

All of the suits were in royal blue.

Skims suits range from around $40 to over $100.


However, others who have tried on the range have not been so positive.

One woman gave her honest opinion of the swimsuits from the Skims brand in a YouTube video.

YouTuber and fashion expert Mia Maples shared her review of four different swimsuits she purchased for a total of $522.

She starts her video off by saying: “Today we are going to be trying the Skims Swim Metallic collection!”

Before modeling the first swimsuit from her haul, Mia inspects the material.

“Everything is really well made from a sewing perspective. I don’t see any loose ends — it’s all very crisp,” she says.

After that, she tries the swimsuit for her viewers to see.

It’s the Metallic Swim Bandeau Bikini Top for $48 paired with the Metallic Swim Dipped Tie Bottoms that are also $48.

“This is an $80 dollar top — this doesn’t look good,” she says pulling at the strap.

“This isn’t the most flattering look on me… for sure not.

“We’re getting a little bit of a wedgie moment and I’m pretty sure that’s by design, purposeful, and supposed to happen,” she says while pointing out the fabric near her crotch and bottom.