I use Dollar Tree items to make my home classier & no one knows how little I pay

WITH just a few cheap products from the dollar store, you can make some classy pieces of furniture to ‘glam up’ your space and stay within your budget.

A DIY expert has used Sterilite crates that cost $1.25 and other products from Dollar Tree to create “fake, high-end decor” to organize her space.

Bargain Bethany uses foam board and marble contact paper to create easy shelvesCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

Sterilite crates only cost $1.25 from Dollar Tree, but can have many usesCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany

YouTuber Bargain Bethany stacks crates together with zip ties and creates shelves for the insides of the container with foam board and marble contact paper.

Using the designed paper from Dollar Tree gives it a “glam look on foam,” and the expert uses an Exacto knife for a clean cut. Bethany spraypaints the outside of the structure with Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint.

Once the paint dries, the YouTuber glues cheap 5×7 picture frames to the top of the unit to make it all come together.

Bargain Bethany also demonstrated how to create a floating shelf, explaining that she recommends zip ties instead of glue – or even using a drill if the content of the shelf is too heavy.

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“You can use this concept in any room of your house and use it to hang different items,” Bethany explains, showing a nursery room decorated with a floating crate shelf.

One use for a floating shelf could be to store cleaning items. You can also attach binder rings to the bottom of the crates in order to hang brooms or mops without them touching the floor.

In her video, Bargain Bethany also showed how to create a vanity makeup organizer by making a hutch with the crates for a cheap price.

“I used 26 crates for the base of this, so if you make it exactly the way that I did, it will cost you $32.25,” Bethany calculated as she made the vanity.

She shared that if the foamboard doesn’t look high quality enough for your liking, you can always grab some wood at your local hardware store.

In another video, Bethany also found that she could create a wedding arch with simple items like a broomstick and a pool noodle.

Meanwhile, a budget pro made a meal for six after spending $7 at Dollar Tree.

Bethany uses Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint to finish off her storage containersBethany uses Rustoleum metallic gold spray paint to finish off her storage containersCredit: YouTube/Bargain Bethany