American Pickers star Mike’s store hit with complaint amid low show ratings

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s antique store has been hit with a complaint after the show suffered low premiere ratings.

Mike, 58, owns Antique Archeology with stores in both Nashville, Tennessee and Le Claire, Iowa.

Mike Wolfe’s store has been hit with a complaint by a customerCredit: Zachary Maxwell Stertz/History Channel

Mike owns Antique Archeology in Tennessee and Iowa

Mike owns Antique Archeology in Tennessee and IowaCredit: instagram/ antiquearchaeology Verified

The Sun can exclusively reveal that Mike’s Nashville location has been hit with a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

In January 2022, a customer claimed: “I made an online purchase from this company and they accepted payment. Then they sent me a refund saying that someone else had bought it before me.

“I suspect they accepted a higher offer. And they provided no proof to the contrary. I just want them to honor the purchase like they originally did.”

A representative for the antique store responded on the Better Business Bureau website: “On 1/21/2022, two orders were placed for a****** Imala Movie Prop on our online site. Transaction****** connected to Order Number ***** was placed by a customer in Ohio at 12:27pm for $1406.00

“Transaction ***** connected to Order Number ***** was placed by a [the customer] at 3:22pm for $1406.00. At 3:49pm the full refund was processed for $1406.00 with notes that item was already sold.”

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The explanation then claimed the tech team was contacted to find out why both orders were processed.

The comment continued to allege: “The reply was that both customers put the item in their cart at the same time, however, they did not check out at the same time. We have a custom website and are working diligently to correct the flaw of having customers being able to add and check out single quantity items at the same time.”

The representative claimed the customer emailed them asking about the refund, and they explained it was a technology error.

The company rep then attached time stamps to prove it was given to the first customer at the listed price.


Antique Archeology has received mixed reviews by customers at both locations.

One fan wrote of the Nashville location on Google: “It was so nice to visit the store we’ve heard about so many years from watching American Pickers. I was surprised that the store wasn’t a lot larger.

“Perhaps they have plans to expand once the building is remodeled. But definitely worth the stop!”

A second commented: “The contents of the shop itself were a bit touristy too much for my taste. The selection of antiquities that were for sale were large pieces and not normal antiques that you would find in an average antique shop.

“This is a great place to find large items or a business decor or for a local person’s home. For the traveler looking for small items to take with you, the only thing that you will find is souvenirs and t-shirts that are specifically produced for sale and not antiques oddities or curiosities.”

As for the Le Claire store, one customer said: “Nice place, I guess I expected more. Thought there would be a lot more of what you see them digging out of old barns and sheds on the TV show. The staff was very helpful and friendly, it was an enjoyable experience. Plenty of souvenirs throughout the urdughr shop.”

A second commented: “It’s little more than a gift shop for reality TV junkies. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time. So if you still watch this show and just have to see the ‘store’ or want an overpriced t-shirt then you should enjoy it.”


The complaint comes amid ratings trouble for Mike.

American Pickers returned on July 9 after being on break since March.

The Sun reported ratings for the July 9 episode had just 833,000 viewers tune in.

Season 23 of American Pickers kicked off on January 1, 2022 with 1,050,000 viewers.

The January 8 episode had 1,011,000 people watch.

But by the end of the season, viewers lost interest, as only 830,000 viewers watched the March 12 episode.

The March 19 episode, which was the final one before the months-long break, had just 804,000 viewers.

The new episodes promise to bring “rare,” “incredible” and “museum-quality” picks, according to the trailer.


But fans aren’t too pleased with the episodes so far. As one viewer wrote on Twitter: “Very dry and boring without Frank – scripted, no freestylin’; a very different show. I understand that he isn’t coming back but you should have ended the original show and started a new one moving forward.”

A second commented: “Haven’t watched since 2020 when Frankie got canned. Not going to waste my time on this stuff ever again… I wish they would take this new garbage off the History Channel. It’s a great station.”

A third said: “Not the same without Frank.”


Frank, 57, last appeared on American Pickers during a March 2020 episode, as he took time off to recover from back surgery.

The original cast member’s firing was announced in July 2021 despite his desire to return to the History show.

Frank left the show to recover from grueling back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine.

During his time off the show, Frank lost 65 pounds, as he is living a healthier lifestyle and is sober from alcohol.

Frank also told The Sun that he checked into rehab for alcohol abuse in Iowa for 77 days.

Frank said last year: “I went to rehab and I’ve been sober now for 11 months.

“I didn’t like drinking anymore. My mom was an alcoholic and she died five years ago and it was alcohol-related. My grandfather was an alcoholic and he died. That didn’t sit well with me.”

Frank continued that he goes to meetings “twice a week” after the stint.

Frank said he would’ve been sober for a year if it weren’t for a relapse.

He added: “It was maybe for four hours, but it was enough. The next day I went to a meeting and I got right back on track.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have a drink again because I don’t like the feeling anymore and some of the dumb things that I did.”

Frank continued: “I’m feeling really good. Life is good and I’d like to get back into the swing of things. I wish I had done it five years ago, I would have been a different person.

“It was the best thing for me and I wish I had done it sooner or I wouldn’t be in the position that I am right now.”


Frank also revealed his feud with co-star Mike.

Frank previously told The Sun: “I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.

“The show is tilted towards him 1,000 percent. I can’t even bend that far down to show you how much.

“That’s fine. It’s like you’ve got Aerosmith and there’s Steven Tyler and he’s the frontman. I found my spot, I’m second and he’s number one on the show. That’s no problem with me, maybe he does have a problem.”

He even admitted: “I think Mike wants to get his brother Robbie in there to replace me. I don’t know why he’s behaving like that towards me.”