ETHUSD Long to $1,420-$1,450 Zone for COINBASE:ETHUSD by puzzledHare79535


ETH 12H is now in the upper channel of KC/BB working towards KC/BB upper bands, which are currently located in the $1,430 to $1,450 range.

TTM Squeeze is present on the ETH 12H period, which indicates strong pressure build-up ready to release in either direction. Typically pressure is released to the outter KC/BB bands. Upward vs downward release depends on when the presure breaksout. If a breakout happens within the next 24 hours then we’re likely to see an bullish breakout to the $1,420+ range from a 12H perspective. However, if presure continues to build and is delayed until the downard cycle of the TTM Squeeze histogram or the MACD , then a release towards the $1,240 range is possible.

ETH CCI on 12H is above zero, ETH CCI Daily is above -100, ETH CCI on 2D is approaching -100 which all indicate strong upward momentium.

DB ETH Vix Fix on 2D still showing strong local bottom and upward momentium.

DB Scored KCBB%D, TTM , MACD , Stoch , VF Combo showing a 2D buy score of 4 and sell score of zero. Net score is 4 which is very bullish .

DB FLRM MTF (Future Change Linear Regression Forecast) shows a possible $1,430 reasonable high for the current 2D period and possible leveling of price action in the next 4D. Please note forecasting is subject to change depending on rapid change in momentum.

DB CFHLC3 ( Linear Regression Price Channel ) showing 2D reasonable high is currently $1,380, and the reasonable low is $1,280. Price how now reached both the high and low in the linear regression price channel . Linear regression forecast for 2D also showing $1,430 possible high within the next 4D. Please note forecasting is subject to change depending on rapid changes in momentum.

That being said, the price action is still tight, and pressure is rapidly building on higher timeframes. Careful attention to the possibility of sudden pressure release in the near future is advised.

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