Locals ‘taking their lives in their own hands’ after ad board left in cycle lane

By Joe Coughlan, Local Democracy Reporter

Cyclists feel like they’re “taking their lives in their own hands” after seeing a cycle lane is blocked off by an advertising board on a busy main road.

The board, run by BT and Global, appears in the middle of a cycle lane in Woolwich Road, Greenwich.

Matt Deane, who only recently moved to East Greenwich, said it was “dumb” to have the advertising board in the middle of a cycle lane.

The advertising board blocking the cycle lane on Woolwich Road (Picture: Joe Coughlan)

He said: “If you had two people, one coming this way and one coming that way, it would get very tight around this area.”

They said that they have begun steps to move the board and expect for the work to be done within two weeks.

In October, locals in East Greenwich said drivers on Woolwich Road “ignored” red lights and often “abused” pedestrians.

Anna Mocchetti, another local of the area, said the board is placed where it is because the cycle lane on Woolwich Road was moved last year, with the board remaining in the same place as when it was on the pavement.

She said: “It’s bad, it cannot stay like that. It’s dangerous for me with my kid when we need to cross to get the bus. So I have to look carefully because I may not be able to see a bicycle coming.”

A BT spokesperson said: “The Street Hub was installed in this location before changes to the road layout which have adjusted the route of the cycle lane. Clearly due to these changes this site is no longer appropriate.

“We were made aware of this issue and have already begun steps to move it to a new more suitable location in light of the new layout. We expect the work to be complete within the next two weeks.”

The cycle track is owned and managed by Transport for London (TfL).

TfL and Global were approached for comment.

Pictured top: Matt Deane, a local of East Greenwich, shown in front of the advertising board on Woolwich Road (Picture: Joe Coughlan)

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