What is the new Revolut scam text? How to avoid falling victim to fraud

Some Revolut customers have received a convincing scam text message that appears to be from the banking app.

It either asks them to authorise a payment or warns them that a new device has been set up on their account. The scammer then uses this as a way to trick them into giving them their personal details.

It is getting increasingly harder to spot scams, with scammers are becoming more sophisticated, from fake calls and texts, to even doorstep scams where scammers knock on a front door out of the blue, scammers will try a number of things to trick people out of their money.

To find out how to spot and report these scams, including the new Revolut scam, here’s what you need to know.

What is the new Revolut scam text?
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According to research by Which?, one version of the scam text message reads:

“Your payment has been scheduled for £650.00 to S ASHFIELD. To be paid on 30/07 at 13.00.

“If you did NOT set this up call us on 03309127584. REF: 89076.”

Others received texts claiming that a new Galaxy S6 (or other device) had been added to their account or that a transaction had been attempted.

All recipients of the text received it from the same phone number, resulting in the number being searched more than 1,000 times according to who-calls.me.uk. Calls from this number started on July 29, 2022.

A spokesperson told Which? that these texts are not legitimate and were not sent by Revolut: “We did not send this text, and the number has been spoofed. We are a member of UK Finance which is a signatory to the SMS SenderID Protection Registry.”

Revolut added that it’s fully aware of the risk the entire industry faces with customers being targeted by scammers. The company is working with cross-industry and government groups, as well as regulators, to ensure it is sharing best practice and advice on identifying scams to protect customers from harm.

How to avoid the new Revolut text scam
Revolut has offered advice to customers, explaining that it has measures in place to prevent scams:

If you receive a text message from someone claiming to be from Revolut and you think it could be suspicious, get in touch through the Revolut app, the company said.
If Revolut calls you about your personal account, it will always let you know in advance through the app and it will never call or text you out of the blue.
It’s easy and straight-forward to verify any contact you receive. Get in touch before completing a transaction using the secure in-app chat or email it your enquiry to [email protected], so that you can be confident you’re speaking directly with Revolut.
To help prevent scams from spreading further, you can report suspicious texts by forwarding them to 7726. This is a free scam reporting service operated by telecoms companies.

What’s the best way to avoid other scams?
As a rule of thumb, always treat texts you receive that claim to be from well-known companies or organisations with caution.

Don’t click on any links in text messages and avoid calling any numbers mentioned. Be extra sure by verifying the information in the text or the number the text has been sent from by logging into your account, or calling the company’s official number.

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