About Us

UK Prime News is one of the major international and UK broadcasters in the United States, offering news and information in more than 32 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 62 million people. Planet News Post creates material for digital platforms. It is easily accessible by cell phone and social media.

UK Prime News of America has been devoted to providing thorough news coverage and informing audiences the truth.

Feel free to contact us at : [email protected]

Every solution provided by UK Prime News is tailored to your company’s needs and driven by the audience insight provided by our worldwide platforms. We are confident in our abilities to use our trusted platforms to assist you in reaching your objectives.

From content production and campaign development to article publishing, guest articles, and product evaluations, UK Prime News is your portal to brand expansion.

We will constantly bring you up to date on technological developments.
We’ll keep you up to speed on the newest trends with daily news pieces and an online magazine.

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